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Woodcraft Enters Mexico

Woodcraft Industries has acquired the assets of the cabinet door division of Técnica Maderera Especializada, a manufacturer in Guadalajara, Mexico.  “TME’s proximity to U.S. markets, combined with its high-volume production capabilities, will allow Woodcraft Industries the ability to access new customers as well as develop new programs to serve our existing customers,” Woodcraft Industries President and CEO John Fitzpatrick said in a statement.  Read more:

Woodcraft Enters Mexico

Asian and European Delegations Visited Tijuana to Further Economic Integration

The Tijuana EDC along with the Baja California Aerospace Cluster in coordination with Federal, State and Municipal authorities hosted a delegation comprised of seven companies from Japan. The same day a delegation of commercial and political representatives from the European Union based in Mexico City visited Tijuana to learn about business opportunities available in the Tijuana-San Diego Binational Mega-region.  Read more:

Japanese and European Companies visit Tijuana

Manufacturing in Mexico: Bombardier Learjet 85 Aircraft Production in Full Swing

Bombardier Aerospace today shared significant progress details on its all new Learjet 85 aircraft highlighting flight test aircraft production and program test milestones.  The first shipments of wing spars and skins, manufactured at Bombardier’s site in Belfast, Northern Ireland, have arrived at the Queretaro site, where wing assembly has started. Read  more:

Manufacturing in Mexico: Bombardier

Mexico Auto Manufacturing Grows

Mexican automakers’ production rose 31% in April 2012 vs. April 2011, setting a record of 206,389 cars and light trucks, according to the Mexican Automobile Industry Association (AMIA). Auto exports also grew 20% to 168,907 vehicles.  April domestic new car sales rose 7.1% to 69,890 vehicles, but did not beat sales of April 2007. Auto production for the first four months of the year rose 15% total, and exports grew 16%, according to MarketWatch.  Read More:

Auto Stocks: Mexican Auto Production Grows

NAFTA Key to Economic, Social Growth in Mexico

The North American Free Trade Agreement, which went into effect in 1994, has been the key driver of Mexico’s economic and social transformation of the past 20 years, analysts say.

“What we’re seeing now is a growth of industry in Mexico that requires more engineers,” said Christopher Wilson, an associate with the Mexico Institute at the Washington-based Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

“To put a name on it, specifically, we’re talking about automobiles and aerospace,” Mr. Wilson said. “Mexico is now graduating more engineers than Germany every year.”  Read more:

NAFTA Key to Economic, Social Growth in Mexico

Case Study: DJO Global, Tijuana’s Binational Success Story

With more than 17 years of operating in Tijuana, DJO’s has received U.S. and International awards for its quality and operational excellence, including AME’s Manufacturing Excellence award, IndustryWeek “Best Plants,” and the Shingo prize for operational excellence.  Read more:

Case Study: DJO Global, Tijuana’s Binational Success Story

Audi Picks Mexico Over U.S. for New Audi Manufacturing Plant

As many global car manufacturers have come to realize, Mexico is one of the world’s top ten automotive manufacturing locations due to its long experience in the industry.  Audi has recently announced plans to build an auto plant in Mexico in order to boost its sales to two million units/year by 2020.  Read more:

Audi Picks Mexico for New Auto Manufacturing Plant

Rolls-Royce Opens Office in Sonora Aerospace Cluster

Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, is to open a new supply chain office in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. This new office will strengthen collaboration with key suppliers in a region that is widely recognized as the leading aerospace industry cluster in Mexico.  Beverly J. Gaskin, Rolls-Royce, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain Management – North America said: “Delivering excellence in our supply chain is critical in helping us meet our commitments to customers.” Read more:

Rolls-Royce Opens Office in Sonora

American Manufacturers Rethink China Outsourcing, Report Says

While firms in China have long been a favored manufacturing partner for many U.S.-based companies, a new poll shows that sentiment is changing.  More than a third of manufacturing executives, at American companies with sales greater than $1 billion, are planning to, or considering, bringing their production back to the United States from China, a survey by The Boston Consulting Group found.  Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. is one of many strategic advantages for companies looking to shift manufacturing back to North America while keeping production and labor costs low.  Read more:

American Manufacturers Rethink China Outsourcing, Report Says

Mexico Automaking Marks Luxury Shift With New Audi Plant

Mexico’s automobile industry, once focused on small cars and pickup trucks, got a boost when Audi AG chose the country as the location for a new factory to build its Q5 sport-utility vehicle for the global market.  Mexico will be competitive in a wider range of automobile production including luxury models, said Armando Soto, president of Kaso y Asociados, a Mexico City-based auto industry consulting firm.  Read more:

Mexico Automaking Marks Luxury Shift with New Audi Plant