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Manufacturing in Mexico

Nearshoring, the Key to US Mexico Relations

“Nearshore” outsourcing is the practice of getting services performed by people in neighboring countries. Many companies in the United States, for example, outsource work to Mexico. Geographic proximity means that logistics and communications are easier and less expensive.  Read more:

Nearshoring, the Key to US Mexico Relations

What’s the Next Global Manufacturing Superpower?

With lower shipping costs and increasingly competitive wages, Mexico is enjoying a manufacturing boom, attracting billions of dollars in foreign investment from firms that are building factories to supply the North American market — a concept known as nearshoring. When General Motors, the largest automaker in the U.S., announced last year it would invest some $540 million to expand its plant in Toluca, Mexico, it joined a growing list of manufacturers seeking more bang for their production buck south of the border.  Read more:

What’s the Next Global Manufacturing Superpower?

As China’s Wages Climb, Mexico Stands to Win New Manufacturing Business

Not long ago, Mexican factories couldn’t compete with the “China price,” the ridiculously low cost of production in the Asian nation.  But some time this year, with rock-bottom wages now soaring in China, the average cost of factory labor in the two nations will be roughly the same. This is a boon to Mexico, and its industrial parks are swelling.  Read more:

Mexico Stands to Win New Manufacturing Business

Mexico Says Gaining From Competitive U.S. Manufacturers

Mexico is benefiting from ties to “very competitive” U.S. manufacturers as low wages lure producers discouraged by rising labor costs in Asia, Deputy Finance Minister Gerardo Rodriguez said.  Mexico is tied to the U.S. by the North American Free Trade Agreement that bolstered cross-border production chains. “Because of these linkages with the Mexican sector, we’re being pulled somewhat by those dynamics,” Rodriguez said.  Read more:

Mexico – Gaining from Competitive U.S. Manufacturers

Manufacturing growth in Mexico drives Milacron into larger facility

Milacron LLC, a global supplier of plastics processing technologies, announced an open house at its new technology center, which combines machinery sales, and aftermarket parts and services in one location. The new facility is located in the Benito Juarez Industrial Park in Queretaro, Mexico, an area where manufacturing for automotive and aerospace is booming.  Read more:

Manufacturing Growth in Mexico

US Manufacturing Jobs Will Grow As Japan’s Carmakers Move Capacity To North America

All three of Japan’s largest automakers are pushing to locate production of cars meant for the U.S. market, primarily in Mexico and U.S. Toyota, Honda and Nissan are all recovering from supply chain disruptions caused by last year’s tsunami in Japan and floods in Thailand. Localizing production for the U.S. market provides a natural hedge against supply chain disruptions. Moreover, the continued high value of the Japanese yen against the dollar means that it is now more expensive for Japanese car companies to ship cars overseas.  Read more:

Japan’s Carmakers Move Capacity To North America

Mexico Industry Output Grows at Fastest Pace in 9 Months

Mexican industrial output rose the most in nine months in June from May, led by manufacturing gains and underscoring solid growth that bodes for steady interest rates in the coming months.  Industrial production rose a seasonally adjusted 1.3 percent in June from May, the national statistics agency said on Monday, better than expected in a Reuters poll that saw a 1 percent rise after a dip in May, which was revised to a 0.65 percent slide. Read more:

Mexico Industry Output Grows

Mexico Could Pass Brazil as Top LatAm Economy in 10 Years-Nomura

Mexico could become a ‘jaguar’ economy, similar to the fast-growing ‘tiger’ economies of East Asia, if its newly-elected government succeeds in kick-starting lackluster growth with ambitious economic reforms, Nomura said.  Optimism about the chance of change in Mexico contrasted with reform fatigue in Brazil, where the government has wheeled out successive measures to boost local industry and protect exporters from a strong exchange rate.  Read more:

Mexico Could Pass Up Brazil

Modern-Day Maquiladora Town Becoming Reality

Situated 40 miles south of Las Cruces, New Mexico’s second largest city, Santa Teresa has become a U.S.-Mexico border development hot spot. It is literally a stone’s throw across the border from computer and electronics manufacturing giant FoxConn, which operates Mexico’s largest border assembly plant, or maquiladora. Then there’s the $400 million rail hub being developed by Union Pacific on 2,200 acres on the U.S. side of the border.  Read more:

Modern-Day Maquiladora Town Becoming Reality

Nippon Steel to Build Plant in Central Mexico

Nippon Steel and several Japanese partners have formed a joint venture to build a steel plant in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato to supply the automotive industry, the Nikkei business daily reported Tuesday.  The $39.6 million plant is expected to begin production in mid-2013 in the city of Silao and employ about 200 people.  Read more:

Nippon Steel to Build Plant in Central Mexico