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Juarez and El Paso – A Fulcrum Point for U.S. / Mexico Trade and Near-Shoring Opportunity

The editor of Area Development recently met with the mayors of El Paso, Texas, and Juárez, Mexico, to find out how they are working together to advance business in this cross-border area.

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Aerocast Announces Mexican Developments in Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerocast operates a high-growth sand casting foundry that produces complex aluminum and magnesium castings primarily for the aerospace industry. Aerocast Inc. announces that Mexico has been developing as a viable low cost source to major aerospace manufacturers. According to an article in “Foundry Management & Technology” by Luc Beaudoin of AeroShores Management Consulting, “Mexico has seen the birth of an organized aerospace industry that now employs over 27,000 workers in more than 200 companies.  Read more:

Aerocast Announces Mexican Developments in Aerospace Manufacturing

Mexico’s 2011 “Environmental Leadership Program for Competitiveness”

This program was administered by Mexico’s Federal Environmental Agency and counterpart to the EPA, SEMARNAT. This program is designed to increase the competitiveness of small and medium size businesses through training in eco-efficiency.  Leader companies such as NAPS work with clients, vendors and suppliers for a coordinated approach to increase efficiency and reduce waste. By learning about best practices in the industry, companies achieve increased efficiency in a variety of areas including energy, water, packaging materials, the redesign of processes to maximize the use of residuals, and lowering levels of contamination.  Read more:

Environmental Leadership Program For Competitiveness