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Border-Town Factories Give Manufacturers an Edge

Officials in the United States have been wringing their hands lately over how to revitalize domestic manufacturing and keep factories from moving overseas.  But not all of those plants are going across the ocean to China or India or some other low-cost production hub in Asia. Many are relocating just south of the border to Mexico, prompting business leaders to argue that the U.S.-Mexico border region may be the key to rejuvenating manufacturing in North America.  Read more:

Border-Town Factories Give Manufacturers an Edge

Signs of Mexico’s Ascendance Versus China

Over the past two decades China emerged as a manufacturing powerhouse, dominating production in industries ranging from textiles to solar panels, semiconductors to wind turbines. Among the countries hardest hit by China’s rise – and ascension to the WTO in 2001 — was Mexico. In its wake, Mexico’s maquila industry shed thousands of jobs.  But the decade long status quo seems to be shifting again, this time back in Mexico’s favor. More and more plants are opening in Mexico – a mix of new businesses as well as some returnees.  Read more:

Signs of Mexico’s Ascendance Versus China

The Baja California Aerospace Cluster Initiates a Manufacturing Development Program for the Defense and Aerospace Industry for 2012

State and local government representatives, the U.S. Department of Commerce, ProMexico Intelligence Unit, the Tijuana EDC, and aerospace companies such as Cubic, Eaton, Parker, and Cobham representing the Baja California Aerospace Cluster met on November 15th, to initiate a program to increasing the growth of the Defense industry in the CaliBaja Bi-national Mega-region, looking to identify barriers and opportunities that Defense manufacturing companies are facing.  Read more:

Baja CA – Aerospace Manufacturing

Mexico’s Flourishing Electronics Industry

Mexico’s economy is host to one of the fastest growing electronics industries in the world, in terms of export potential and employment generation. Currently, Mexico is the second largest supplier of electronics products to the U.S. market, which is made up of audio and video, telecommunications, computer equipment and its parts.  In 2010, for instance, the sector exported 71.4 billion USD, 20 percent more than the previous year.  Read more:

Mexico’s Electronics Industry

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Mexico Expansion Signalled

Medical technology maker Fisher & Paykel Healthcare plans to reduce its exposure to the volatile United States dollar through boosting manufacturing in Mexico and direct-selling its product overseas.  Read more:

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Mexico Expansion Signalled

Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa Outlines Critical Role for U.S.-Mexico Border Region

On November 18th, the Consulate General of Mexico and the Institute of the Americas co-hosted a private luncheon focusing on U.S.-Mexico relations.  Foreign Minister, Patricia Espinosa, attended and spoke at the luncheon.  “In this new vision for the future we need to look for a much stronger integration between our countries in our daily lives,” Espinosa said. Espinosa envisions the U.S.-Mexico border, with its vital trade and dynamic communities, as playing a critical role in strengthening the relationship between the two countries. Read more:

Private Luncheon: U.S.-Mexico Relations

Tijuana Promotes Maquiladora Industry

Tijuana’s manufacturing industry is one of the most competitive both nationally and internationally, 74% of the Tijuana population working on it.  Despite uncertainty over European markets and U.S. economic slowdown, maquiladora sector projects in Tijuana and some firms are continuing work on the transfer of production lines to the border.   Medical, electronics, aerospace and automotive industries have positive effects on their plants in Tijuana, since their corporations decided to transfer production lines from Asian countries to that border.  Read more:

Tijuana Promotes Maquiladora Industry

Recap: North American Competitiveness Conference – San Diego, CA

The event was organized by the Mexico Business Center, a division of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Tijuana-EDC.  It was  held at the University of San Diego on Tuesday, November 8th. During various panel discussions, business executives and government professionals shared the region’s potential for growth and the development of a local supply base with quality, on time delivery and costs.  Read more:

Competitiveness Conference

Cheap U.S. Dollar Giving Mexico Production a Lift

The Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates low — and the dollar cheap — which helps U.S. manufacturing. But the big winner could be Mexico.  With the yen stuck at 78 to the dollar, Japanese automakers are rushing to transfer production to North America. Read more:

Japanese Auto Companies – Moving to North America

Viewpoint: Mexican Manufacturing is Poised for a Comeback

Higher wages, higher production costs and higher transportation costs will make China less competitive in the years to come and give Mexico a distinct advantage. Discover current advantages as well as how Mexico compares to other countries in the areas of trade, workforce and experience, competitiveness, diversification and location.  Read more:

Mexican Manufacturing is Poised for a Comeback

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